Omni Casino Offers Progressive Jackpot of $16 Million

Omni casino offers a progressive jackpot

For most online casinos, progressive jackpots are an ideal technique to retain the interest of players and make them increase bets to win bigger jackpots. While the super-sized jackpots may not always come their way, players make life changing decisions to increase their chances to win them. When players keep increasing their bets, it also leads to increase in the jackpot amount which in some cases runs to millions. Omni Casino powered by Playtech is now offering a progressive jackpot which has grown to a fantastic figure of $16.3 million and is continuing to increase further. If any player is able to win the jackpot then the amount may reduce, but its value is likely to shoot up again due to general popularity of progressive jackpot.


Progressive jackpot slot game Beach Life

Beach Life is a popular slot game at Omni Casino which has a progressive jackpot which has now touched $4 million. This game is offered in other online casinos that uses Playtech’s software and offers amusing but interesting slots. True to its name, the Beach Life slot has everything people love on a seaside holiday like hot sun and sand, ice creams, surfing and beach seats under an umbrella. The progressive jackpot can be won as players skim through bold graphics and bonus features to get the winning combination by turning the magic wheel.


Marvel Comic slots

Slots representing characters from Marvel comics comprise another popular progressive jackpot game from Omni Casino. These slots have superhero characters from all Marvel comics like Thor, Ghost Rider, Iron Man, Daredevil, Xmen and also the Incredible Hulk. Referred to as Playtech’s superhero combo these progressive slots offer four jackpots each and the top one among them is close to $450, 00 till date. Omni Casino which has been in entertainment business for more than 17 years is owned by Peak Interactive which provides secure online gaming to its clients across the world.