UK Live Casinos: A Rush like no other

Why Choose Live Casinos?

Live casinos offer a whole new dimension to the concept of online gambling and gaming, especially for those who are quite used to visiting land-based casinos. Live casinos offer the highest degree of reality that online casinos can. Experienced dealers that are proficient in multiple languages also manage to generate the sort of trust that most online gamblers look for.

In short, live casinos offer great entertainment and value for money, all the while making you feel as if you are visiting a land-based casino.

UK Live Casinos

UK Live Casinos

Here are three of the best online live casinos in the UK.

Royal Panda

Royal Panda Casino offers a number of facilities and features to live gamblers. Along with all popular card and roulette games, new additions are made to their roster every week. Highly secure live gaming environment is facilitated by fast real-time action that’s guaranteed to keep you engrossed!

William Hill

A mention of this name just cannot escape any discussion regarding UK’s casino market. William Hill Casino offers a number of hi-tech live gaming clients to online gamblers from the UK. Quite astonishingly, there are provisions to choose from two wholly different bases – William Hill and William Hill Vegas. An account with either of them will allow you to access the very best live gambling action.

Euro Grand Casino

Euro Grand Casino is a great option for those who are after easy to play and relatively cheaper live dealer games. In no way are the interface or technical services provided by Euro Grand Casino inferior to the other top casinos. You will also be eligible to receive weekly bonuses and promotions if you join their Live VIP Club program.

Online Betting Guide – Mistakes to Avoid

So, you think you understand the ins and outs of how to escape a casino with cash in your pocket? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. The facts are pretty clear, though, that online gambling is an entirely different animal. So the next time you decide to put a big deposit into an online casino, make sure to keep the following tips in mind.

Online Betting Mistakes

  1. Limit your spending

One of the quickest ways to find yourself out of cash is to not pay attention to how you are spending your money. When you see those guys that make a living out of their online gambling, you know they have to be doing something special.

  1. Avoid impulsive spending

We all tend to dream about what we’d do if we “hit it big” and that dream sometimes pushes us to act recklessly. It’s easy to think that your next spin, roll, or draw might be the winning one, but don’t let that belief sway your betting. Most people end up busting their bank when they overextend out of impulse. Instead of going “all or nothing,” stick to your rational gambling. Nobody ever went broke by taking a small profit. Avoid the big losses this way.

  1. Understand the games

In our fervor to make some cash, we tend to overlook some common things. While games like poker and slot machines are pretty simple, some other games require more thought. A craps table can seem like a different planet when you don’t understand all of the little nuances and the same goes for roulette. So instead of rushing in to throw down your cash, you should take time to read the “How to Play” guides plastered all over the casino. You’ll save yourself some heartache and a whole lot of money.

Horse Racing Could Return to Brockton, MA

horse racing

Horse racingBrockton has been a long-time favorite for horse racing fans. However, the venue has not staged horse racing for close to 15 years. There is a chance that might change. The Mayor of Brockton, Bill Carpenter, talked about how recent developments mean that Brockton should be brought back into the fold.

There was a recent closing of the horse racing tracks at Suffolk Downs, which means that a new venue needs to be found. Carpenter recently went in front of the state’s gambling commission and had this to say: “I believe that Brockton is ready to be brought back into the fold. Having horse racing events in the city would be an incredible boost. It would help not only the atmosphere, but a lot of the nearby businesses.”

With Suffolk Downs closed indefinitely, there are currently no venues for horse racing in the New England area. There is a scheduled event at the Brockton Fairgrounds, but that is in 2015 and it has yet to be approved. The event is being organized and run by the owner of Raynham Park.

Brockton’s Mayor continued to talk about the potential financial boost for the area if horse racing returned. He said that the increase in business, both at the racing track and for other businesses, would give the city close to $200,000 in new tax dollars per year. This number would only increase if the event was a success.

The bid for horse racing in Brockton has direct links to a recent casino awarding to Wynn Resorts. Wynn was in direct competition with Mohegan Sun, who were running a joint venture with the Suffolk Downs venue. Mohegan Sun confirmed to the commission that if they did not win the bid to bring a casino to the area, Suffolk Downs would close. When Wynn won the bidding, Suffolk Downs closed for business immediately.

The Suffolk Downs area has been key to New England’s horse racing history since the 1920s. Despite the closure, there are efforts to buy the site and continue racing there. Should those plans be unsuccessful, Brockton is likely to benefit the most.

Pensioner Wins Big In Keno

Pensioner wins

kenoIt was a heart-warming scene in a local pub at Dandenong when pensioner Kenedi won nearly $3million while playing keno. Kenedi had to quit work 13 years ago due to a back injury and has been surviving on disability pension since 2001 and this win is phenomenal for him. Though Kenedi is a quiet and unassuming man by nature wanting to keep this windfall a quite affair, he celebrated the win with his friends at his club with champagne.

A migrant from Macedonia, Kenedi has been a regular at the pub and tried his luck at Jim Dandy Hotel by making an outlay of $50 on Keno fifty $110-number which won him a princely sum of $2,779,562.

About the winner

Kenedi has been playing online keno as a hobby since it was relaunched in Victoria in 2012. He will spend the prize amount on a house and car for his son and donate the remaining amount for cancer charity. The keno winner was announced by Marc Mifsud the manager of manager of Jim Dandy and locals at the bar gathered around to wish him when Kenedi announced drinks for all patrons. This momentous win has put the Jim Dandy hotel on national map of Keno history.

Details of the keno game

Kenedi is the first jackpot winner of keno in a casino after it was introduced in Victoria in 2012. Sales manager for Keno David Dicker also congratulated him and declared the game is designed to bring assistance and joy to deserving people like Kenedi.

The winner of the big amount is, meanwhile, trying to maintain his elation and joy by carrying on his work as usual and is busy assuring friends and family that the win will not change him as a person. The lucky numbers which helped Kenedi win the jackpot and become Dandenong’s first Keno millionaire were 8, 17, 24, 30, 37, 38, 66, 68, 71 and 78.