Lightning Strike Survivor Wins $1 Million Lottery

One man from Nova Scotia is really, really lucky.

Peter McCathie, a full-time convenience store owner and part-time clerk, made headlines earlier this month for winning a $1 million jackpot from Lotto 6/49. Then he made headlines again when people realized that he was the same Nova Scotian who survived a lightning strike three decades earlier.

Peter McCathie lottery winner

A Death-Defying Day

“There was one big, white cloud in the sky,” says McCathie about that fateful afternoon, “and the lightning bolt came through the trees and hit me.”

He was 14 at the time and miraculously unharmed, so according to McCathie, he went about his life without thinking much of it. Then something even stranger happened: His daughter got hit by lighting too.

A Crazy Coincidence

While declining to name her in the press, McCathie revealed that his daughter was working as a wilderness guide just a few years ago when she was electrified by nature as well.

“She was locking all the canoes,” he explained, and lighting came down from the sky just as strangely and abruptly as it did for him. The good news is that, like her father, she survived.

A Lucky Lotto

All of this leads to July 2015 when McCathie purchased a lottery ticket along with his co-worker. Before they knew it, they’d won $1 million together.

odds of hitting this particular jackpot were one in almost 14 million. The odds of winning the lottery and surviving a lightning strike and having one’s daughter survive a lightning strike are almost too crazy to calculate.

“I honestly expected to get hit by lightning again first,” McCathie told reporters.

His plans for the money involve taking his wife on a second honeymoon.

Your Horse Racing Guide

You should be knowledgeable about the subject prior to placing a bet on a horse in any race. Although the minimum bet amount is £2, and there are adequate opportunities to bet, there is no need to bet in a reckless manner.

You should be knowledgeable about the subject prior to placing a bet on a horse in any race.

The “going” report

It is another name for the track condition. The British Horseracing Authority has a total of seven terms:

  • Heavy
  • Good
  • Soft
  • Good
  • Good to Soft
  • Good to Firm
  • Hard
  • Firm

The race track condition plays a vital role when it comes to the horses’ performance in any race. Surface conditions are directly related to the type of soil, and in case of dirt track, turf and artificial surface. Other important factors include surface density, moisture content and porosity. Softer grounds are linked to slower racing.

Reading “form” and placing bets

There will be a list detailing every horse entered into races and it can be accessed over the net five days prior the event. Runners who are finally declared will be named 48 hours prior to the race day. The horse’s name will be at the card top, adjacent to jockey colours and owner name.

The weight of the horse will also be given as it affects the chance of winning the race. Every horse is given a standard weight to carry.

It is easy to place a bet:

  • Go through the provided race and decide the horse you like
  • Take a decision on whether you prefer your horse to win or in each way
  • Select the place to bet: the betting ring, the tote, or betting shops

Watching the horses

You can watch the horses from a number of vantage points. The list includes the pre-parade ring, the parade ring, horsewalk and the track. The unsaddling and winners’ enclosure also offers excellent vantage points.


Online Video Game Betting: A Match Made in Cyberspace

It’s been a long time since we first met Mario on the original Nintendo Entertainment System, as anyone who’s been paying attention to the industry can tell you. For anyone who hasn’t been paying attention, video games have become gigantic affairs in just the past few years and have actually become home to highly competitive arenas that showcase world-renowned players squaring off one another in the virtual world in what has been dubbed as “e-sports.”

Online Video Game Betting, popularity on the rise

E-sports have been around for quite a few years in underground scenes, but with the recent successes of mega popular games like League of Legends and Counter Strike, they’ve been gaining even more traction. Entrepreneurs have begun to take notice, too, as fans of e-sports will now be able to start placing bets on the tournaments they already watch religiously.

Unikrn and Tabcorp

The Seattle based company, Unikrn, has entered into a partnership with the Australian Tabcorp company to bring fans of the games League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter Strike, as well as a few others the ability to begin betting at e-sports professional tournaments. These games have become massively popular all over the world in places like Europe, Australia, North America, and Asia. The audience is already there, so there is a ton of opportunity for companies like Unikrn that aren’t afraid to take a chance on a relatively untapped community.

The United States

Outside of a few select states, sports betting is still mainly illegal in the United States, which is part of the reason why the US based Unikrn had to enter into the arrangement with the Australian company. The CEO, Rahul Sood, is very optimistic that the US will eventually legalize sports gambling and allow his future e-sports customers to place bets as they’d like in the system. Until then, there are still millions of fans in places like Asia, Europe, and Australia that have fans that are currently able to take Mr. Sood up on his business plan.

Borussia Dortmund vs. Hoffenheim Betting Odds and Preview

Borussia Dortmund and Hoffenheim logos

Borussia Dortmund vs. Hoffenheim During most seasons, this would be a game between a top of the table team and a mid-table side. However, Borussia Dortmund are enduring an incredibly poor season, with the club languishing at the bottom of the Bundesliga table. They have only 11 points from their games so far, which puts them nine points behind Hoffenheim right now.

Dortmund will be looking to get a much needed win at home. Defeat in their last game brought heavy boos from the crowd, which is finally starting to turn its back on the players and the manager. Despite these difficult times, Dortmund are still favorites for the game against seventh placed Hoffenheim. Odds of 4/7 are available on a Dortmund win. Hoffenheim have a price of 5/1 to get the win, while the draw can be found at 18/5.

There are many games where betting against the favorites is a bad idea, but this is a unique situation. Dortmund may have the better team and some great players, but they are going through a horrible period. Confidence is low, the team is making mistakes, and they seem incapable of performing at a high level for 90 minutes. Hoffenheim have been a mixed bag themselves, but they should have enough quality to cause Dortmund serious problems.

At 5/1, Hoffenheim represent fantastic value. They are higher in the table, they have won at Dortmund before, and they have very few injury problems right now. A 1-0 or 2-1 Hoffenheim win would not be a surprise.

Ciro Immobile is the favorite to open the scoring in this game. Odds of 9/2 can be found on him. The second favorite is Pierre-Emerick Aubemayang, with odds of 5/1. Both players have had mixed seasons, with some good performances but plenty of missed chances.

Horse Racing Approved By Texas Officials

Horse racing

Horse racing on screenThe Racing Commission of Texas has approved resumption of horse racing and dog racing in the state, despite legal suits pending against the decision. The decision has run into rough weather, as gamblers would now be using electronic racing machines to perform betting on horses for horse races that have been conducted in the past.

This unique concept, referred to as “historical racing,” is expected to bring back enthusiasm and investment into the business of horse breeding for races that are dwindling across Texas due to stiff casino regulations. The officials voting against this law are worried about long term effect of this betting practice, which is likely to turn into full scale gambling with little benefit to horse racing industry.

Arguments favouring historical racing

The horse racing industry and Racing Commission’s members are the most vociferous supporters of this law, as they feel that it will be a money spinner as witnessed in Kentucky, which reported nearly $30 million worth of wagers within May 2014 from only two racing tracks. The first racing track to set up these digital racing machines will be at Grand Prairie. These virtual horses racing machines will be located at the racing tracks and not within a casino-like environment, so it will bring in people who are enthusiastic about horse racing and breeding. Since it will follow an off-track system for pay-off, there will be better chances at winning.

Arguments against historical racing

Matt Krause has a major grouse against historical racing and had filed a lawsuit to restrain the Texas Racing Commission from installing these virtual racing machines within Texas. He stated that the Commission is trying to legalize gambling in an abuse of power vested in them as officials in charge of gaming within a state.

Casino owners and advocates of gambling have tried to reason with law officials to bring back slot machines without success. They are not keen on giving up this opportunity of allowing real-time gambling, which will also provide funds for financing horse breeding for races.

Pick the Right Casino for You

Pick the right casino

Choosing an online casino can be tricky. There are so many options out there – so many flashy banners pulling you in, so many big bonuses, and so many different casinos all with unique things to offer. But don’t let bright, flashy colours and clever marketing fool you. Choose a casino with the best reputation!

But what if you’re new to the game? If you don’t know who’s who in the zoo, make sure you do your research. There are great casinos listing websites out there that will give you a handful of the most reliable and safest casinos out there. Read up about the casinos in reviews and see what each one has to offer. This will generally give you a better feel for the casino before having to do a trial and error test on each one.

Always make sure that whatever casino you pick has a legitimate license with a gambling authority. There are many sharks out there and if you’re not careful, you could get bitten. You also need to make sure that the casino is audited regularly by an independent authority. This will ensure that all payouts are accurate and gameplay is fair.

There are also different welcome bonus options that casinos throw your way when you’re on the look out to join. You usually have the option to pick either a non-deposit FreePlay bonus or a Match Bonus. They will also mention some of the other things that players can enjoy at the casino like monthly promos, loyalty programs, tournaments and other additional benefits. You’ll want to make sure that the casino you choose will keep you entertained with additional rewards and give you the occasional freebie.

Each online casino is unique and has a distinct spirit so you should want to look for one that suits you best.


OPAP’s Monopoly is in Jeopardy



After years of free reign provided by the Greek government, online casino operator OPAP is receiving extraordinary scrutiny from the The European Court of Justice (ECJ). Over the past few years, OPAP has benefited from a government backed monopoly on lottery games and sports betting in Greece.

Greek governmentGreece’s Ownership in OPAP
At issue is the Greek government’s recent sale of its 34% ownership stake in OPAP. The Greek state received its stake in June of 2008. In May of 2013, the government sold those shares to the Emma Delta consortium. The proceeds (€652m) were used to pay down Greece’s debt with the EU/IMF. There are claims that decisions were made to protect OPAP’s business model and strengthen its stock price.

Sign of Impropriety
The primary question revolves around the issue of impropriety. The Greek government initially issued twelve temporary online gambling licenses to other operators in 2011. In 2012, they decided to revoke those licenses and extended OPAP’s monopoly rights until the year 2020. By all appearances, it would appear this was done during sale negotiations. When the ECJ stepped in and submitted that those actions were illegal, Greece submitted a revised plan that is currently under consideration.

Lawsuit Filed
A second issue involves a lawsuit filed against Greece by members of the Remote Gambling Association. The suit claims the government intentionally ignored their gaming applications as a ploy to keep OPAP’s stock price inflated prior to the sale. The suit was filed by unidentified members. However, it is believe the filing parties were European gaming giants Betfair and William Hill.

A Delicate Balance
For Greece, the situation creates a conflict. The Greek government is dependent on the EU for continued financial support as the country attempts to recover from recent financial troubles. On the other hand, the sale was made contingent on the monopoly continuing until the agreement expires in 2020. Either way, Greece finds itself in a delicate situation.

All of this has done nothing to stop OPAP from conducting business as usual. They are currently moving their sports book operations to a new GTECH powered software platform.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Makes $75,000 Betting on College Basketball

Floyd Mayweather bets on college basketball


BettingPlenty of people were happy about the University of Connecticut winning the national championship game against Kentucky, but few would have made more money out of the game than Floyd Mayweather. If there is a public sports event taking place, chances are Floyd Mayweather is going to bet on it. He has a decent track record with his bets, and his punt on the underdogs UConn was another success. The famous boxing champion put a $40,000 bet on two of UConn’s final four games, netting $75,000 as winnings.

Stories of extravagant betting by Mayweather are never far from the news. There was a story about him betting $1 million on the Denver Broncos to win the Super Bowl doing the rounds a few weeks ago. Mayweather denies making that bet, but even losing a million on a single bet would not be a major issue for Floyd. His most recent boxing fight saw him net $32 million. He made that money based off 36 minutes of boxing, at a rate of close to $900,000 per minute. And this was without pay per view numbers, which probably doubled his earnings.

His public betting slips from 2012 showed that he bet $5.4 million on various sports, winning $4.3 million. His best confirmed single bet to date was on the Oregon football team to beat Arizona State. He netted $1 million in profit for that bet. That being said, there were rumours that he bet $5.9 million on the Miami Heat to beat the Indiana Pacers in game 7 of their NBA Eastern Conference Finals game. That bet was never confirmed. If he did make that bet, his profits would have been $6.49 million.

Click here for more information about Floyd Mayweather’s betting past.

Barcelona vs. Manchester City Betting

Bayern vs Munich


A routine win for Barcelona in Manchester ensured that they are in pole position to book a place in the quarter finals. The 2-0 scoreline was a surprise, with many expecting City to take the game to Barca and score a couple of goals. However, the absence of Sergio Aguero hurt the home side, and they seemed to err on the side of caution in the opening exchanges. While they did grow into the game, they never had a sustained period of possession that could have lead to a goal.

When you play Barcelona, it only takes a moment for them to get going. A simple lapse by Kompany played Messi on side, and the Argetine was brought down by Demichellis who was sent off for being the last man. Messi scored the penalty, and Barcelona went on to dominate the rest of the game. They got their reward in extra time with a second goal, and that should provide them with a big enough cushion to progress. It would take something special for City to win by two clear goals at Camp Nou.

The odds are with Barcelona for this return leg, with bookmakers pricing them at 8/15 to get another win over City. The draw is at 18/5, while Man City are all the way out at 6. This is another game where the obvious result is not the most interesting bet. While City lost at home, their counter attacking makes them a potent threat in Spain. Aguero will be fully fit for this game, and Yaya Toure is likely to start in behind him. Those two are always a threat, especially when Barcelona have not been defending well recently. Here is a look at all the betting markets for this game.

Barcelona will be wary of Sergio Aguero in this game. He always scored against them for Atletico Madrid, and is the perfect man to bet on to score the first goal. His speed will frighten Pique and Mascherano, and he could be Barcelona’s undoing.

Owning the Odds With Gambling

Your odds gambling

With each game having its own set of odds, gaining awareness of the numbers in each game can set you apart from the amateurs. Often times in many games, there are more factors to having better odds than just which competitor is bet on the most. Take Greyhound racing for example: around 80% of the time, greyhounds that start off at a faster speed will win more than those who don’t. Find out about the odds in multiple games and how they compare by clicking the image below!